A personalized Digitally Designed Mouth Guard manufactured by 3D Intra Oral scanner and 3D printer with highly protective and comfortable material by Oral and Maxillofacial surgeon.


  1. Easy to wear and remove You can speak, shout, breathe, whistle and drink while wearing the digitally designed mouthguard.
  2. Preventing cutting and bruising of lips, tongue, and cheeks especially orthodontic patients.
  3. Protect teeth from getting fractured or chipped.
  4. Protect avulsion of teeth.
  5. Protect jaw from fracture or bone damage.
  6. Prevent gingiva or gum lacerations.
  7. Prevent cutting and bruising of lips, tongue, and cheeks especially people wearing braces.
  8. Keep teeth, jaws, and tongue in their proper places even after high impact.
  9. May prevent from concussion or knockouts and cerebral hemorrhage.
  10. Improve and Increase performance and outcome.
  11. It is made up of one of the world’s toughest & lightest material.
  12. It can with stand upto 1500 N of force.
  13. It can be customized to any color, country’s flag, club’s logo etc.

If you have any further questions about the kit or how to use it, please call our Customer Care Team on +91- 721-761-1661 or customercaredmg@dmgmouthguard.com and they will be happy to help.


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First, you don’t have to visit us, we will come at your place or place of your wish.

digital impression 002

We will take a digital impression of your teeth and gums with an intraoral scanner. So, no more pinching of trays and gagging due to material.

scanner -003

This scanner has a very high accuracy even more than the impression taken by the dentist.

3D printer -004

After the scan, a soft copy is sent to a 3D printer in our dental laboratory directly under a supervision of oral and maxillofacial surgeon and well experienced dental technician.

3D printer -005

3D printer then prints your full arch of upper and lower jaw is printed and a 3D model is made which is exact replica of your teeth and gums. So, no more pouring of model with dental stone or plaster therefore no error in mouthguard fabrication.

Model -006

On this model, your personalized custom fitted mouthguard which even you can design for yourself is prepared with one of the toughest, odorless, comfortable material.

Final- 007

After finishing and polishing of the mouthguard, it will be delivered to you in a box along with cleaning kit specially designed for the mouthguards to keep its durability and hygiene long lasting.

Customize according to individual preference which includes logo, name, number, signatures or any desired design.


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