Dr. Nijhawan always strives to bring the latest dental advancements to fore.Dr. Taranpreet Singh Nijhawan - DMG He aims to provide with the best of modern and sophisticated dentistry to his patients and bring relief from all dental disorders along with beautiful smiles. This vision of his always makes him keen to find out various different ways to make people lives better.

In his dental office, he saw that there were many patients having injuries involving teeth, lips and even jaws while playing sports. After seeing their pain for the loss of natural teeth and high costs of dental treatments, he started providing the customized mouthguard to his patients to prevent any further devastating loss.

This didn’t stop him here. He further researched on the athletes of national as well as international sports organizations and found out that despite of high quality of sports facilities and enormous numbers of the professional sportsperson in our country, still, we are not able to achieve what we all desire. That is to get numerous Gold medals in international games such as Olympics, Commonwealth games and much more, and bring pride to our country.

As a dental professional, he always wanted to contribute his knowledge and skills to fulfill each and every Indian dream, which is bringing the highest honor to our motherland. So further he explored and came across various types of mouthguard also available in the Indian market as well as overseas.

There are three types of mouthguard, first,the stock mouthguard which are easily available at drug stores and comes only in two sizes, small and large universal to everyone, second, boil and bite in which a person has to soften it in boiling water and then place in his or her mouth to manipulate by biting and third, customized mouthguard which is generally made by a dentist in a dental laboratory.

Among these three, the customized mouthguards are one of the most precise and comfortable to the wearer but Dr. Nijhawan saw many flaws in the same like discomfort for client due to pinching of impression trays and gagging due to dental material along with chance of incorrect mixture of impression material which leads to poor outcome of models, further leading to improper fabrication of mouthguard and its poor fit, and much more.

With the help of the latest technology, Dr. Nijhawan came up with an idea to make a highly accurate and comfortable mouthguard for the client. For an extremely accurate impression of hard tissue and soft tissue of the mouth, a 3D intraoral scanner is used which takes a 3D digital impression of teeth and gums and display it on the computer monitor from which a command is given to a 3D Model printer in which replica of dental tissue model is made. On this model, a high impact and precise multi-layered mouthguard are made with one of the toughest material which is totally personalized to a person whose impression was made. To make it totally personal and to increase the acceptance, a person can customize the color as well as the designs such as logo, the name of the person or organization name etcetera on the digitally designed mouthguard. With all this, not only the aesthetics of the mouthguard but also its strength is increased along with the following benefits such as Person wearing it is more confident while participating in their sports as they are less or not worried about any injury received after a blow such as loss of consciousness or soft and hard tissue injuries. Therefore, they concentrate more on sports and give their maximum output on the execution while playing their sport. Along with this, one can easily drink, speak and whistle while wearing the mouthguard and the best part is that the one doesn’t have to hold the mouthguard while playing respective sports.