International Professional Boxer


I am using DDMG mouthguard from past 2 months and I am very satisfied with the product. Dr. Nijhawan and his team did a great job. Best part of this product is that it is very comfortable and easy to use. It fits snugly on my teeth and doesn’t fall out while boxing. I even got my mouthguard customized in blue color with my name on it, which is not possible in any other mouthguard available in market. Each and every boxer should try this mouthguard at least once. I am sure that after using DDMG, they will always use DDMG products.

Indian Boxing Promoter, International Professional Boxer, Rajiv Gandhi Excellence Global Award 2015


I have been an Indian professional boxer for almost 10 years and a boxing promotor for more than 4 years. I have participated in various championships national as well as international. Boxers in my training center are using DDMG mouthguards and I have seen an incredible change in their performance. Now they seem to be more focused and aggressive in their game. No dental injuries have been recorded in these players, which helped them to be more in practice sessions and play confidently. This is a product of International standards and I thoroughly recommend DDMG mouthguards to all the boxers.

International Professional Boxer


I have seen similar kind of gumshields out of India on my boxing tour and always wanted to use those gumshields but never got a chance. I am really grateful that DDMG launched even a better version of those gumshields in India. I have been using DDMG mouthguard from past two months and it has drastically scaled up my game. It is due to the fact that I don’t have to hold DDMG mouthguard, which was not possible earlier with my previous gumshield and now, I can focus more on throwing punches. The best part of DDMG gumshield is that it doesn’t fall out after we get a blow which is a very common problem faced by any boxer. I will definitely suggest DDMG mouthguards to all Indian Boxers. Jai Hind! Jai Bharat!

Sports Medicine Specialist- Indian Professional Boxing Championship


I have been serving the boxing federation from last 17 years. I immensely recommend DDMG products as they are made up of top-notch quality materials. Best part of the DDMG products is that boxers can breathe while wearing these products and they can perform to their maximum potential. I haven’t seen any injuries to the boxers who are using DDMG gumshields. This is the best gumshield I have ever seen. Good Job DDMG!

Indian Boxing Council President


It is a champion’s product. It is much better mouthguard than any other mouthguard currently used by our boxers. Great work done by DDMG. I want to congratulate them. I highly recommend DDMG products to all the boxers across the nation.